how to tie a jig head

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The most common jig head sizes for twitching jigs are 3/8 oz, 1/2 oz and 5/8 oz. Tie a basic loop knot by slipping the end of the line through the eye on the shaky head. I prefer a horizontal 60 degree or even a little less when I can find them. A simple vertical jigging rig or stump-bumping rig is a common and effective way to start catching crappie. Another benefit is the jig hook, encouraging the fly to ride hook point up. These run as big as a half-ounce, and the design of the head is meant to make the jig stand upright with the skirt underneath as the lure bounces around. The easiest way to get this equipment is to buy a fly tying kit. It’s well known that smallmouth typically prefer very specific kinds of baits. Lay out all your materials and get your jig head secured in the tying vise. Wrapping on the thread. If you are fishing a lot of water, try the spider rigging technique to find out what works. Most anglers would trail these with a craw or grub. My favorite loop knot for the Slam Shady and other jigs is the non-slip loop knot.. It’s strong, the loop allows for great action, and when you tie it right, the tag end faces forward, which makes it much less likely to snag grass as you’re retrieving it. Now, go through the loop with the end of the string and pull it tight. You can put a swivel on the end of it, then tie another fisherman's knot. The reason for a heavier jig heads on twitching jigs … Casting Jigs. Another alternate rigging, I was using this head for was to put the jig head inside of a 3.5” tube, poke the eye out and tie on the line. Head cement (optional) 1/8 ounce jighead; 6/0 Thread; Marabou in your preferred colors; Flashabou; How to start tying your marabou jig. This will cause less snags, so you are not constantly retying these patterns. Secure the jig head in the vise. In this tutorial, we learn how to tie fishing jigs. These jigs have a flat bottom head with a dense weed guard that almost swallows the hook and makes it very good for heavy cover. Jig nymphs are a popular style to fish being that they get to the fish quickly due to their typical characteristics: Heavy bead and slender body. Use a lighter/smaller jig for clearer water (high visibility) conditions; If you’re tying twitching jigs the heads are generally a little heavier than the ones fished under a float. Wrap the 6/0 thread around the hook shank. Then, cut the end off and make sure you have four to five feet of lead left. Again the eye placement gives the tube a wider fall pattern different fall than a 90 degree eyed jig head allowing you to cover move water as the tube falls. Click here to join the Insider Club. Make sure to tie a good knot and place it on the jig head in the right spot for maximum effectiveness. First, go through the eye of the jig with your thread, then make a fisherman's knot making seven to eight turns. As fall moves in, Smallmouth anglers across the USA are gearing up to catch big smallies on various jigs. Hold the eye with your index finger and thumb and loop the line around your index finger, then back over itself, and keep your finger inside the loop. Then, push about 8 inches (20 cm) of slack through the eye so you can form your knot. How to Tie a Peanut Head Smallmouth Jig. In order to tie your own marabou jigs, you need little specialized equipment: a c-clamp vise, a bobbin, thread, hooks, head cement, and marabou. So we wanted to show you How to Tie a Peanut Head Smallmouth Jig so you can take advantage of this great bait. I feel like a 60 degree doesnt blow the fishes mouth open like a 90 degree does with the line tie being straight up and down and in the way.....and the 60 seems to hug the bottom easier than the 90 when dragging.

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